A veritable laboratory of experimentation, the paperweight workshop is constantly devising innovative means of assembly to give life to new creations.
The men and women in the workshop display great dexterity in placing the multi-coloured rods of a millefiori design, or fashioning a decorative detail with a flame, using the “blowtorch technique”. The assembly, or empaquetage, to use the specific French term, then enables different elements to be inserted into the clear crystal ball, which must never fall below a temperature of 500°C. It is often necessary to pull the filigree or millefiori rods at a run, to prevent trapped air bubbles and to avoid deforming the pattern when it is covered with clear crystal.

Each gesture must be of an absolute precision, the fruit of years of experience. This is why the workshop only produces three hundred paperweights each year, all numbered, dated and certified.