The Thistle tea cup

La tasse à thé Thistle La tasse à thé Thistle La tasse à thé Thistle

Traditional emblem of the city of Nancy together with the motto Qui s’y frotte s’y pique (“Touch me who dares” being the Scottish equivalent), the thistle was the inspiration behind the design in 1908 of the service of the same name: Chardon (“thistle”), created for the Exposition de Nancy at the height of the Art Nouveau movement. Five years later, Entente Cordiale oblige, Chardon was anglicized. With its new design by Louis Reyen, Thistle sparkled with a piquant beauty on all the greatest tables. An original, the gilded cup is an invitation to a nonconformist tea ceremony, or to an alternative, self-indulgent glass of expresso or caffè latte.