Museum & Manufacture

Le musée et la manufacture

Perspectives on exceptional crafts

It is difficult to fully grasp the beauty of works in a museum without having visited the workshops in which they were conceived. In the same way, the work of an atelier undeniably takes on another life when the finished product is put on display.

All of these remarkable Saint-Louis crystal works are intimately linked to the talented artists who fashioned them.

But at Saint-Louis, while individual effort contributes to the beauty of a piece, it is always to serve a collective end.

In his isolation, the artisan knows that, through the quality of his service, he remains inseparably bonded to and responsible for the piece he receives, embellishes, and passes on in turn.

After a tour of the Factory, a Museum visitor’s view of, for example, a Roemer Thistle from the Saint-Louis collections is forever changed. For beyond its beauty, it is the fruit of 28 laborers he is admiring !