La Grande Place – Saint-Louis Crystal Museum

  • A museum at the heart of the prestigious Saint-Louis factory !

    Under a single roof resides a collection like no other, nestled in a case of light, real architectural audacity designed by Lipsky + Rollet.

    Throughout this mystical journey of 953 meters, let yourself be dazzled by a whirlwind of 2,000 fascinating objects of resplendent beauty, from the legendary expertise of Saint-Louis.

    Meticulously positioned collections accompanied by 20 videos guide you through the former Royal Factory’s four centuries of history. Along the way, discover crystal and the mastery of the most elaborate decorative techniques.

    Like the grand finale of a fireworks display, the magic of five sparkling chandeliers illuminate the temporary exhibition space on the top floor.

    Finally, as you are leaving the Museum, the Comptoir de la Manufacture prolongs the journey through time, presenting Saint-Louis’s most recent creations.

    La Grande Place

  • A museum for all ages !

    Where is the glass? Where is the crystal?

    Upon first entering the museum, an entertaining experiment allows visitors to appreciate the ways in which crystal is different from ordinary glass.

    Next, video features scattered throughout the visit bring to life the expertise displayed at every turn.
    Finally, the most curious visitors will put their powers of observation and investigating skills to the test in the GRANDE PLACE quiz.

    Fingers crossed that the aspiring master crystal maker receives his diploma after the papers are corrected at the reception!

  • Special for schools and youth associations: Learn while having fun with the « Educational Chest » !

    LA GRANDE PLACE offers schools and youth groups tools that are at once educational and fun, so that kids can get the most out of their visit. A real treasure chest of games and experiments lets educators approach the museum from different angles: historic, scientific, artistic…