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Indoor projects

Kei Kobayashi’s restaurant

Kei Kobayashi’s restaurant

Fascinated by fashion, the 36-year-old young Japanese chef Kei Kobayashi does not try to hide his penchant for beautiful objects. His restaurant, which was renovated just last year, has become a showroom for French artisan work. The Christofle silverware, Jaune de Chrome porcelain dishes, and the majestic Saint-Louis chandelier all bring a classic-chic touch to the very hip 1st arrondissement of Paris. Restaurant Kei - 1 Michelin star - 5 rue du Coq Héron - Paris 01.

One Riverside

One Riverside

Completed in 2015 and overlooking the Ocean, One Riverside Park is a luxury residence designed by the famous architects Goldstein Hill&West. The three designers James Rixner, Gail Shields-Miller and Bjorn Bornnson oversaw the show flats’ decoration including Saint-Louis lighting pieces such as the Vibration chandelier.

Private residence
An exceptional project

Private residence

Dimensions: H 9 metres (354.3 in) / D 4 metres (157.5 in). Weight: 2500 kg (5511 lbs).
Number of lights: 220.
15 craftsmen on the hot-shaping, 10 craftsmen on the cutting.
650 hours for the shaping, or 30 days, by 4 glassmakers. 750 hours for the cutting, or 20 days, by 5 glassmakers. Around 360 hours for the assembly time.5 to 6 working days for the assembly on site.


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