2011 - The Dandelion, 100 pieces
2011 - The Dandelion, 100 pieces


2011 - The Dandelion, 100 pieces

Born in 1845 at Saint-Louis, the paperweight ball passed away 15 years later, as is was no longer in fashion. But it was thanks to the American collector Paul Jokelson, nicknamed « Mr Paperweight », that the production of these crystal-glass ball was relaunched. In 1953, he ordered a sulphide commemorating the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II from Saint-Louis. Thus, since 1970, each year, Saint-Louis has created and realized a paperweights collection, each of them manufactured in limited edition, numbered, vintage and certified. The collections mix themes and know-how: flowers, fruits, bouquets, animals, birds or butterflies… in millefiori or overlay. Saint-Louis stands as an exception among crystal-manufactures as it is the very last one to create these small crystal balls, true concentrate of the House know-how.
  • Weight : 1000 g
  • Width : 2.87 inch
  • Height : 2.91 inch
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