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Thistle Vases

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Great histories always start before their official beginning. This year we are celebrating the centenary of Thistle. Thistle, son nom seul tintinabulle déjà, comme verres entrechoqués entre partisans, comme rasade versée pour sceller un accord sacré. Thistle: its name alone tinkles like glasses clinked among fellows, like a draught poured to seal a sacred agreement. And since no centenary celebration worthy of the name would be complete without the unveiling of new creations, Saint-Louis has decided to enrich the Thistle family with a vase based on the parison of its ancestor, the Chardon glass.


  • Diameter : 7 inch
  • Height : 11.6 inch
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  • Gold Thistle Sconce - 3 lights

    Gold Thistle Sconce - 3 lights

  • Gold cocktail glass Thistle

    Gold cocktail glass Thistle

  • Platinum Thistle Sconce - 3 lights

    Platinum Thistle Sconce - 3 lights



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