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En Cage 1-candle clear photophore

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Our take on highlighting light dovetails with the caged bird metaphor. Two young designers, Émilie Colin Garros and Philippine Lemaire, put a new spin on photophores to orchestrate a dainty dance of light. A hanging metal photophore for one, two or three candles within a flat cord cut cocoon in a variety of formats and colours. A purple crystal jar, a mass-coloured sky blue teardrop layered with clear crystal or a flannel crystal bubble. Each time, the flame accentuates the crystal curves, prompting those who contemplate it to wonder whether the light captivated the crystal or the crystal captivated the light.


  • Diameter : 6.6 inch
  • Height : 7.6 inch
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En Cage

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    En Cage 3-candle photophore

  • En Cage 1-candle photophore

    En Cage 1-candle photophore

  • En Cage 2-candle photophore

    En Cage 2-candle photophore



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