SKY VIEW 2019

  • €4,300.00
  • The paperweight workshop offers an optical illusion paired with a technical innovation. The crystal moulds included in a paperweight have been perfected for this model to create raised millefiori. Rods in green, white and red enamel, and rods in chartreuse green, white enamel and dark blue are prepared according to a predefined and strictly observed blueprint. The mould creating the raised background is placed on this bed. White enamel with blue overlay is added to the background, and the ensemble is then encased. Lastly, the paperweight is engraved with flat cuts, which overlap to accentuate the effect of being seen through a kaleidoscope.

    Limited edition: 58 pieces


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Saint Louis is the only crystal factory in the world still able to make paperweights. They have been reinventing the art form every year since 1953 with creations born from the imagination and dexterity of the paperweight atelier’s master glassmakers made for collectors and new enthusiasts alike. Within the Atelier, two glassmakers are Meilleurs Ouvriers de France and one is a Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres.

As the jewel of Saint Louis, paperweights showcase many of the atelier’s most impressive techniques millefiori, sulphide inclusion, overlay, twisting and lampwork captured in a unique and fascinating object that has the fragile eternity of the moment.

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