The Carousel 2020

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It is an homage to the poet Jean Cocteau, a collector of paperweights He wanted his theatre “to convey the involuntary emotion that emanates from circuses, alhambras, carousels, public balls ……””(Jean Cocteau, Parade Illustrated with a brightly coloured merry go round evoking a return to childhood, the common thread of Cocteau’s work. An exceptional piece that took three years, nine craftsmen, and more than 170 hours in various workshops, it is a tour de force of glassmaking expertise. The central part of the paperweight is clear crystal featuring six horses alternating with seven multicoloured twists, highlighted by an engraved pattern gilded in 24 carat gold on the surface The animals gallop joyously around a central column in millefiori The background, in white enamel, includes a millefiori flowerbed drawing a star motif in which the Saint Louis 2020 vintage is hidden Its surface is adorned with floral garlands engraved and gilded with 24 carat gold The tent top is crafted in Saint Louis blue crystal lined with white enamel It is bordered by eight medallions, sandblasted and gilded with 24 carat gold.


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