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Facettes 6 - 2021 edition

A force of nature, vital and nourishing, water has always supplied Saint-Louis without creating waves. In all its forms, water is our link to the world. At the manufacture, we take care of the water every step of the way, before returning it to nature. Thus, it is water that is the subject of the sixth issue of Facettes.

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  • InspirationThe meteorite waters of the manufacture

    Located in the heart of the region’s natural park, the crystal workshop is in constant dialogue with the native water of the Pays de Bitche region. An integral part of crystal making, this water is at the centre of the workshop’s ecological revolution: the gardens.

  • ProfessionDiamond, bevel, star, the constellations of crystal cutting

    At the manufacture, every piece is hand-cut with an incredible prowess. Just as with sculpture, the glassmaker chips away at the material to reveal its soul.

  • Carte blancheArchive of Reflections

    Joseph Schiano di Lombo imagined The Archive of Reflections for Saint-Louis, inspired by a crystal glass of water. A composition for drawings and piano.

  • PortraitArtistic Direction: orchestrating creation

    Designers and craftsmen combine their talents to create the collections for which the oldest crystal manufacture in Europe is famous. Creative Director of Saint-Louis, Anne Lhomme coordinates and supports this composed process of creation.

  • NewsSaint-Louis: The Ferryman of Light

    A Biarritz villa with cosmopolitan accents and a beautiful history, home for a season to five Saint-Louis collections.

  • HeritageThe watchman of nights and days

    Small night carafe created in 1858, now entered in the archives of the manufacture, the “Night watchman” of Saint-Louis surprises with its surprisingly contemporary design.

  • PortfolioReflections and tides

    In Brittany, on the Pink Granite Coast, the vases of Saint-Louis evoke this water which sculpts, rock like crystal. Here the time of a tide, between land and sea, seaweed green and amaranth in bloom.


GetawayIn Brittany


Carte blancheL'eau de verre

It starts at the piano as it so often does. Joseph Schiano di Lombo, imagines the score of the water reflecting in crystal.

L'eau de verre - Archive of reflections by Joseph Schiano di Lombo