Facettes 7

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Facettes 7 - 2022 edition

The pleasure of being together, and how necessary this is for the creation of a living craft, appeared as a central value to be appreciated, to be cherished. This is why the collective dynamic is the theme we have chosen for issue 7. 

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In the heartof Facettes magazine

  • InspirationWhen gestures make society

    At the factory, to achieve excellence in glassmaking, several people work together in concert with a common goal.

  • PortraitPierre Charpin, Endless Lines

    French designer Pierre Charpin composed a new contemporary lifestyle collection: from tableware to lighting, through barware and decoration, the objects are designed for everyday use.

  • NewsCadence Collection

    Based on the interplay of horizontal and vertical lines, Pierre Charpin’s drawings give rhythm to material, enhancing its brilliance and clarity.

  • ProfessionThe know-how maestro

    In the heat, the head of the factory orchestrates the day-to-day harmony of the glassmakers’ gestures. 

  • PartnershipThe Tale of the Chandelier in a Heart

    This stamp combines the factory’s heritage — with chandeliers dating back to 1850 —

  • Portfolio“What we see is not the whole of reality”

    The director of the National School of Photography in Arles (ENSP), talks about the extra-mural project organised between the factory and the Master's students.

  • SketchThe manufacture illustrated by Lamia Ziadé

    The artist, author and designer Lamia Ziadé takes the Moselle road, following in the footsteps of Hugues Micol in 2020.