Matrice Nickel-plated finish floor lamp


Product information

It was while looking at the huge supply of moulds in the Saint-Louis warehouse that Kiki van Eijk had one of her sure-fire flashes of inspiration. She felt the stirrings of an intense, carnivalesque idea. She would make a crystal lamp in the shape of a mould. Opening it up by hand would liberate the light inside, softened by a Japanese paper screen. And because she would be giving birth to these new creations, she would call the collection “Matrice”, French for “matrix”.


  • Height : 55.11 inch
  • Width : 10.6 inch
  • Weight : 1450 g
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  • Matrice pale gold finish sconce

    Matrice pale gold finish sconce

  • Matrice Nickel-plated finish sconce

    Matrice Nickel-plated finish sconce

  • Matrice flannel-grey large vase

    Matrice flannel-grey large vase

  • Matrice golden finish table lamp - small version

    Matrice golden finish table lamp - small version



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