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This prestige chess game has a chess board made of clear and satin cubes resting on a thermal powder-coated aluminium base. Each cube is strategically mirrored to create the optical illusion of a levitating game. Game pieces in clear crystal and Saint-Louis blue face each other, their individual aesthetics inspired by how they move from square to square: ▪ The King and Queen both borrow their shape from the 1586 Twist decanter stopper, one upside down, the other right side up. They are each adorned with a bevel, their tops evoking crowns–floral for one and powerful for the other. The Queen’s plinth is flared, making it easy to move in any direction. The King’s is rounded, ideal for a calculated move to a specific square. The King is slightly taller than the Queen in orderto distinguish them properly. ▪ The Bishop has taken on the shape of the Botticelli stopper. It spins around and seems to stagger,like he tendsto doas he travels on the board diagonally. ▪ The Rook, massive and impregnable, is carved in the part of the stopper that keeps a decanter airtight. Its large cylindrical base is ideal for travelling the board in one straight line. ▪ The Pawn, the most sacrificed piece, is a reinterpretation of the Amadeus stopper designed in memory of the Templar’s helm. ▪ Finally, the Knight stands out from the rest with its smooth, uncluttered appearance. Its lively and natural appearance befits the intensity of its role. Indeed, it is the Knight who leads in battle, with a linear movement to begin with followed by a slightshift at the end of the turn. ✦ Pieces in clear crystal and Saint-Louis blue, chessboard in clear and satin cubes with mirrored finish and black powder-coated aluminium base. ✦ Numbered edition limited to 48 copies,stamp and numbering indicated under the SaintLouis blue King.


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  • Knight, small version sky-blue

    Knight, small version sky-blue

  • Knight, large version in Satin crystal

    Knight, large version in Satin crystal

  • Knight, small version dark blue

    Knight, small version dark blue

  • Knight, small version

    Knight, small version



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