Les Endiablés

Les Endiablés change tray - dark & sky blue

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An astounding and explosive combination of parisons, created by José Lévy, results in a range of objects which are as stunning upside down as they are when standing rightside up. Amusing compositions for these clever little objects, which can, according to your wishes, be just as easily used as a glass, a vase, a night light or a holder for bits and bobs. Upside down or rightside up. Forget about conventions!


  • Diameter : 6.9 inch
  • Height : 5 inch
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Les Endiablés

  • Les Endiablés Tommy

    Les Endiablés Tommy

  • Les Endiablés small blue & red vase

    Les Endiablés small blue & red vase

  • Les Endiablés flannel-grey mirror

    Les Endiablés flannel-grey mirror

  • Les Endiablés Chambord

    Les Endiablés Chambord



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