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  • After the prestige flannel-grey and dark-blue chess sets, Saint-Louis offers a new edition in its amber version. The color amber is the oldest of the Saint-Louis colors and is as magical as the resin from which it draws its name: protective by its virtues, solar by its hue, amber represents power and prestige.

    It took more than two years for the artist and the craftsmen of our House to design this chess set. Its 32 pieces are made of clear or amber crystal, and its board is composed of 64 satin-finished cubes (for the white squares) or clear mirror-polished cubes (for the black squares) resting on a carefully selected powder-coated aluminiumbase.

    Numbered edition limited to 68 copies.

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  • Blown and cut at Saint-Louis-lès-Bitche in Moselle, France

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  • The King and the Queen both transform the decanter stopper of the Twist 1586 collection, right side up for one while upside down for the other. The bevels adorning their heads draw a floral crown for her and a powerful one for him. The base of the
    Queen piece is played in order to opt for any direction easily while the King’s one has been given a rounded and slimmer shape so that one can choose wisely the unique square it is allowed to go to at any turn.
  • The Bishop renews the Botticelli decanter stopper It spins on itself and seems to be staggering as it usually does on a chess board which he only crosses diagonally.
  • The Rook with a massive and impregnable aspect, is cut in the part of a decanter stopper which prevents air from penetrating into a decanter Its large and cylindrical base allows it to go straight down any accessible line in one move.
  • The Pawn reinterpretating the Amadeus decanter stopper, has been drawn as a reminiscence of a Knight Templar’s helmet as it is the most sacrificied piece.
  • The Knight, at last, distinguishes itself from the others whose shapes are smooth and clean Its own aspect is more vivid and natural so that to recall the ardor we usually associate it with It is indeed the one leading the others in battle, the one whose movement is linear until it shifts aside.

The Game collection presents the oldest tool once used to educate Eastern Royals, teaching princes the subtleties of military strategies. Composed of chess games and pieces for decoration this collection combines functional and decorative pieces. Any interior can then be designed as one pleases to and be transformed into a true arena for a new and original game.

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Collection JEU
Designer -
Size Unique
Height 8.5 in
Width 533 mm
Length 21 in
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