The Folia collection

As a tribute to the forest that surrounds Saint-Louis’ manufacture and to creative folly, Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance created the Folia cross-disciplinary collection. Alliance of the radiance of crystal with the strength of wood, Folia is a contemporary vision of nature, from its cut, leaf-shaped, to its clear or satin-finished crystal.

The Royal collection

The first chandeliers appeared at Saint-Louis in the mid-19th century. Since, Saint-Louis is constantly revisiting its classics; and since 2015, the Royal collection is introduced. Each piece of the collection can be customised for an extra touch of exclusivity (size, style and colours). A single chandelier offers over 15,000 possibilities.

The Tommy collection

From its star-shaped base to the sparkling glints of the diamond, bevel, pearl and rim cuts, Tommy stands as a timeless collection since 1928. Its straight lines have afforded elegance to the most refined interiors, all the way to the Hall of Mirrors at in Versailles. What if the exceptional became an everyday celebration? Tommy spreads out its audacious colours to offer functional creations for contemporary uses in tableware, decoration and lighting.

The Matrice collection

Inspired by the warehouse that stores moulds and casts, Kiki van Eijk wanted to shine a light on these tools from which all of Saint-Louis creations originate. She gave every object in the Matrice collection the unique shape of a mould, adorning each one with the handcut elements that are the signature style of the company.

The Twist 1586 collection

Twist 1586, is an audacious collection of tasting glasses pairing esthetics with technical expertise. Adorned with Venitian-style stripes, the parison reveals all the nuances of wine through a subtle play of light. With Twist 1586, it is the universal language of intuition that guides our connoisseur inclinations.

The Bubbles collection

A mischievous stack of crystal marbles on the stem and bubbles dotting the parison, are the hallmarks of this collection designed by Teleri Ann Jones. Vibrant and sensual, since 1992.