2023 edition

The workshop with two suns

Crystal can be transformed, as long as it is molten. In the hot workshop, two furnaces create this magma, acting as an astral duo at the origin of Saint-Louis crystal.

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The furnace conductors, guardians of fire

They get close to the magma of the furnaces, suited like astronauts or vulcanologists, to accomplish their mission: maintain the furnace and ensure a perfect fusion of crystal.

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Apollo, golden teatime

Following its wine and mixology collections, Saint-Louis has designed two organoleptic tea sets inspired by Asian and European rituals, in collaboration with Agronomist and Tea sommelier Lydia Gautier.

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Following its Paris debut, Lumières features Saint-Louis's lighting collections in Milan's Brera district, tailored for the cloister of the Santa Maria del Carmine church during 2023 Design Week. Meet its designers, Noemi Schipfer and Takami Nakamoto, visuals artists.

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