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  • Set of six clear crystal medium cylindrical tumblers. Vertical cords on the base and horizontal cords on the body. Flared lips.

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  • Blown and cut at Saint-Louis-lès-Bitche in Moselle, France

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Collection CADENCE

Pierre Charpin and Saint-Louis meet again to launch Cadence, a cross-category collection of 29 pieces, all in clear crystal and rhythmed by the meeting of horizontal and vertical cuts. The drawing of lines is an interpretation of Saint-Louis Artisans gestural vocabulary which is repeated and passed down from one generation to the next: a synchronized choreography of the crystal blowers in the hot workshop; variations of a crystal cutting grammar in the cold workshop.


Born from the combination of generations of craft expertise and radical design, Cadence makes a statement with its modern and simple design. Pierre Charpin’s drawings give rhythm to material. The regular pattern of lines in the crystal is cleverly adapted to the constraints of the material, thanks to the glassmaker’s skill. The regularity and repetition of the cuts in the glass enhance the brilliance and clarity of crystal. What we then see hints at the skill implicit in any single gesture, whether in drawing or in the art of making glass.

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Collection CADENCE
Size Large
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