• €165.00
  • A distinctive leg in the shape of marbles, mischievously stacked, giving the sensation of sparkling bubbles found scattered on gobs. A complete table service in clear and colored crystal, complemented by decorative objects including candleholders, vases and bowls.

  • Product reference
  • Blown and cut at Saint-Louis-lès-Bitche in Moselle, France

Collection BUBBLES

A mischievous stack of crystal marbles on the stem and bubbles dotting the parison, are the hallmarks of this collection designed by Teleri Ann Jones. Vibrant and sensual, since 1992.

The vision of the drop of glass bead at the end of the blower's cane, both fragile and strong, inspired Teleri Ann Jones. Sparkling and sensual, developed in a vast family of shapes and uses, from the table to the bar, Bubbles has renewed the transparent, colorful creation of contemporary Saint-Louis services. The mischievous stacking of crystal beads on the leg and the goblet with sparkling bubbles are the originality of this line.

More Information
Collection BUBBLES
Size Large
Height 2 in
Width 5.6
Diameter 5.6 in
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