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  • In 2011, Godefroy de Virieu and Stefania di Petrillo took inspiration from one of its glasses by playing with its parison, turning it over to resemble a luminous bell and adding a chrome-plated steel ring of the same diameter, to create the first lighting in the collection.

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    Existing in other colors : amethyst - flannel grey - chartreuse green.

  • Product reference
  • Blown and cut at Saint-Louis-lès-Bitche in Moselle, France

Collection APOLLO

Born from the classic motif of the Thistle collection in 1979, the Apollo line presents extreme refinement. The fluidity of the lines and the finesse of the engraving clearly express the essential liquid nature of crystal. Fine Venetian ribs on the parison and the surprising nic-nac cut flow down the Apollo glasses, like a cascade of pure water coming to bloom roundly.

Tableware, Bar and Decoration or Lighting: Apollo can now be found in every room of the house and at any time of day.

More Information
Collection APOLLO
Size Unique
Height 5.2 in
Weight 0.200 kgs
Diameter 2.5 in
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