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  • This service is inspired by the "Western ritual" and adapts to many rituals around the world. The large teapot enables a single infusion of a small quantity of tea (10 g) in a large quantity of water (75 cl).

    Unlike light teas, the powerful aromatic notes of full-bodied teas need to be aired to be appreciated. Thanks to the short, wide goblet of the Charpenté cup, these aromatic notes can be appreciated.

    The service includes a large teapot, and two teacups for full-bodied teas.

  • Product reference
  • Blown and cut at Saint-Louis-lès-Bitche in Moselle, France


Drinking tea in crystal is a wise choice. Crystal enhances the beauty of tea, a liquid that is often sipped from ceramic drinkware, but deserves to have its colour revealed.

The new Apollo range can be used for every type of tea: whether light, full-bodied or grand cru, whether it is enjoyed the Western way or brewed strong as in Asia. Therefore, as with wine, Saint-Louis has designed vessels to suit various types of tea in order to best reveal their flavours.

Created in collaboration with tea sommelier Lydia Gautier, the range includes 9 new objects that invite everyone to compose their own pairing of tea and crystal: the ideal tea service based on personal preferences or new discoveries!

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