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  • The pouring pot was inspired by Asian rituals such as "gong fu cha" in China, or the "sencha dô in Japan. Upon the infusion, the liquid is then poured from the teapot into the pouring pot to end infusion. The pouring pot can also be used as creamer to serve milk.

    Porcelain from the Apollo Tea collection is handcrafted by masters of white porcelain using traditional expertise at a French manufacturer in Limoges founded in 1825. Saint-Louis selected unglazed bisque porcelain — the finest there is. This matte finish is more rare, and ultra-fine, with an especially delicate texture. 

    To avoid tea deposits, use low mineral water for the infusion and rinse well after use.

  • Product reference
  • Blown and cut at Saint-Louis-lès-Bitche in Moselle, France


Drinking tea in crystal is a wise choice. Crystal enhances the beauty of tea, a liquid that is often sipped from ceramic drinkware, but deserves to have its colour revealed.

The new Apollo range can be used for every type of tea: whether light, full-bodied or grand cru, whether it is enjoyed the Western way or brewed strong as in Asia. Therefore, as with wine, Saint-Louis has designed vessels to suit various types of tea in order to best reveal their flavours.

Created in collaboration with tea sommelier Lydia Gautier, the range includes 9 new objects that invite everyone to compose their own pairing of tea and crystal: the ideal tea service based on personal preferences or new discoveries!

More Information
Collection APOLLO
Designer -
Size Unique
Height 2.2 in
Diameter 3 in
Volume 5.1 oz
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