THE ROOSTER 2017

  • €3,450.00
  • For 2017, Saint-Louis has assembled its most colourful crystal rods to create a rooster. The master glassmakers have crafted its plumage from 8 separate glass rods while its body is formed using a blowtorch technique that gives it a colourful, lively and spirited appearance. Proud and elegant, the rooster announces the first light of the day. The background is created by the macédoine (melted millefiori) technique, which is rarely used due to its complexity. 7 specially created rods are positioned to form a pattern, which is then melted and stretched to accentuate the exuberant background to reflect the spirited character of the rooster himself.

    Limited edition : 88 pieces


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Saint-Louis is the only crystal factory in the world still able to make paperweights. They have been reinventing the art form every year since 1953, with creations born from the imagination and dexterity of master glassmakers, made for collectors and new enthusiasts alike.
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