THE PIG 2019

  • €4,250.00
  • The pink and white pig is crafted using the blowtorch technique. Its position in motion and its head raised give it a dynamic and appealing aspect. An amusing and engaging creature in soft colours signalling geniality. The pig is extremely detailed, with its curly tail, its ears, eyes and snout. It moves through a green and floral garden: the background in white, pink and green millefiori is inserted in a white enamel calotte. The bevel cut around the paperweight is reminiscent of a garden lawn.

    Limited edition : 88 pieces


  • Product reference
  • Blown and cut at Saint-Louis-lès-Bitche in Moselle, France

Saint Louis is the only crystal factory in the world still able to make paperweights. They have been reinventing the art form every year since 1953 with creations born from the imagination and dexterity of the paperweight atelier’s master glassmakers made for collectors and new enthusiasts alike. Within the Atelier, two glassmakers are Meilleurs Ouvriers de France and one is a Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres.

As the jewel of Saint Louis, paperweights showcase many of the atelier’s most impressive techniques millefiori, sulphide inclusion, overlay, twisting and lampwork captured in a unique and fascinating object that has the fragile eternity of the moment.

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