• The Butterfly vase is inspired by a piece dating from 1848, updated to appeal to current tastes while preserving its very essence. This vase is an expression of Saint-Louis’ creativity: attribute to spring and to flowers, the hallmark of Saint-Louis paperweights.

    Made from a medley of millefiori, the vase evokes the glassmakers who crafted paperweights and vases by combining all the pieces of colored canes that had not been used during the day. This is why the material produced in this way is also called “end of the day” glass.

    During fifty-six days of manufacturing, two craftsmen worked on the shaping and two others worked on the cutting.

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From the Saint-Louis archives, these pieces elegantly illustrate the inexhaustible modern flavour of the repertory of crystals, showcasing the sheer beauty of the work, enthusiastically reviving long-forgotten techniques and all the brilliance of craftsmanship continuously reinvented by Saint-Louis.

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Designer -
Size Unique
Height 10.2 in
Diameter 4.7 in
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