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Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance

Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance conceived the Folia collection as an initiatory journey through the manufacture and forest of Saint-Louis, as a vibrant tribute. A sculptor of materials, close to nature, he imagined, for this very first transverse collection, the vibrant combination of crystal and wood, the simplicity of lines, the modernity of uses.

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Stefania Di Petrillo

Specialist in chandeliers since the middle of the 19th century, Saint-Louis wanted to evolve this classic. Saint-Louis chose to collaborate with Stefania Di Petrillo for her mischievous and curious mind. She took her inspiration from the traditional chandelier arm, and transformed it into a source of light in the Torsade collection.

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Pierre Marie Agin

Saint-Louis teamed up with the artist-decorator-ornamenter Pierre-Marie Agin, a lover of craftsmanship, motifs and colors, which he puts in the service of his flamboyant universe. Together, they conceived Chamade, exceptional crystal pieces that lie somewhere between sculptures and tulip-holders.

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Kiki Van Eijk

It was while looking at the huge supply of moulds in the Saint-Louis warehouse that Kiki van Eijk had one of her sure-fire flashes of inspiration. She felt the stirrings of an intense, carnivalesque idea. She would make a crystal lamp in the shape of a mould. Opening it up by hand would liberate the light inside, softened by a Japanese paper screen. And because she would be giving birth to these new creations, she would call the collection “Matrice”, French for “matrix”.

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Pierre Charpin

Designer Pierre Charpin and Saint-Louis composed a new contemporary lifestyle collection. From tableware to lighting, through barware and decoration, objects ring true. Cadence is set to music by Pierre Charpin’s drawings and born of an orchestrated symphony within the crystal manufacture. A rich score in tune with today.

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