• The Arlequin are adorned with an array of mischievous colours, illuminating a new decorative mode of light-hearted banter.

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    Exists in other colors: flannel gray and lilac - flannel grey and amber - flannel grey and sky blue - flannel grey and purple - flannel grey and clear satin-finished crystal.

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Collection Arlequin

Arlequin, the 2012 colourful lightings collection, drew its name from Harlequin, iconic Commedia dell’arte character. In 2019, fifteen new horizontal chandeliers will magnify your interior, whatever its dimensions and style.

The Arlequin collection represents a stylish and lighthearted update of Saint-Louis’ timeless and classique line. Arlequin takes the opulence of classique—with its lavish variety of shapes, forms and cuts—and gives it a fantastical twist of color. This combination of classic design and modern mischievousness, of refinement and boldness, creates a decorative mode that is truly new.

More Information
Collection ARLEQUIN
Designer -
Size Small
Lighting regulations Replaceable light source by an end-user
Height 15.7 in
Weight 3.000 kgs
Width 13.8 in
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