• €850.00
  • A range of three vases in diamond- and bevel-cut clear crystal. The shape of the vases, with their closed necks, allows them to be used for both minimalist bouquets and more opulent floral arrangements. A collection with an atypical aesthetic that tells the story of its own making.

  • Product reference
  • Blown and cut at Saint-Louis-lès-Bitche in Moselle, France


Inspired by the warehouse that stores moulds and casts, Kiki van Eijk wanted to shine a light on these tools from which all of Saint-Louis creations originate. She gave every object in the Matrice collection the unique shape of a mould, adorning each one with the handcut elements that are the signature style of the company.

Inspired by the mold warehouse, Kiki van Eijk (designer from the Eindhoven Academy) wanted to highlight the tools behind Saint-Louis creations. She has given the objects in the Matrice collection the atypical and singular shape of the mold, by adorning them with hand-carving. A collection that expresses a fascination for fire and molten matter, the alliance of ancestral know-how and technology, and the work of light.

The Matrice collection is now enriched in the world of contemporary decoration with 5 vases, including two prestige pieces in color.

More Information
Collection MATRICE
Size Medium
Height 8.3 in
Weight 2.300 kgs
Diameter 6.4 in
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