18-light horizontal chandelier large lighted bowl option

  • The first Saint-Louis chandeliers appeared in the mid-19th century. Since then, Saint-Louis has
    been constantly revisiting its classics and in 2015, the Royal collection was introduced. A single chandelier offers over 50,000 possibilities. With the new large lighted bowl option, Saint-Louis continues the animation of the Royal collection and innovates with the addition of new functionalities.

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Collection Royal

The first chandeliers appeared at Saint-Louis in the mid-19th century. Since, Saint-Louis is constantly revisiting its classics; and since 2015, the Royal collection is introduced. Each piece of the collection can be customised for an extra touch of exclusivity (size, style and colours). A single chandelier offers over 50,000 possibilities.

Until now, the Royal chandeliers lit upwards and on the sides. With the large lighted bowl option, Saint-Louis innovates and allows the chandeliers to diffuse the light in all directions. To the traditional upward lighting, made possible thanks to the light bulbs located at the end of the branch above the cups, is now added the possibility of a downward orientation, with a new light source in the lower large bowl of the chandelier. The lighting brings sparkle and radiance to the material. It highlights the diamond-cut inner bowl, located inside the large bowl, in which the G9 bulbs are hidden. The double layer of crystal plays a game of subtle and fascinating reflections. The light bulbs and the large bowl can be lit separately, provided the electrical installation is adapted to have two dedicated power supplies.

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Collection ROYAL
Designer -
Size Unique
Lighting regulations Replaceable light source by an end-user
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