• TWIST 1586


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  • Set of two Champagne Glasses Twist 1586.

    Like all quality wines, good champagnes need oxygen to release their aromas. To make the most of a champagne glass, fill it barely to a quarter. The idea is to stop where the disk is widest. The Saint-Louis champagne glass adds a horizontal dimension to the naturally vertical nature – the bubble trail – of champagne.

  • Product reference
  • Blown and cut at Saint-Louis-lès-Bitche in Moselle, France

With Twist 1586, there is no need for instruction or translation: it is the universal language of intuition, rather than knowledge, that guides our connoisseur inclinations. Crystal-making art unites with wine connoisseur science in a spirit of experience. And nothing could be further from the fruit of chance. Twist 1586 holds its hand out to each of us, whether novice or expert. Rare is this modern glass handled with disconcerting ease, that welcomes wine without tremor, that is grasped with such agility. Forgotten, in this case for good reason, is the intimidating etiquette of the traditional dégustation: the collection proposes, without concern for colour or terroir, a choice as natural as it is universal. A glass for young wine, a glass for mature wine. With these glasses is quickly forged a relationship that is natural, engaging, almost grateful.

These new glasses illustrate the spirit of innovation specific to Saint-Louis, which places its heritage at the service of modernity. For them, Saint-Louis has reinvented the iconic Venetian stripe. Today, its lines of varying density, depending on the model, succeed the regular bands of yesteryear.

Each with its own rhythm. Variety is the spice of life.

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Collection TWIST 1586
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